The ISGC Team

Management Team

Director & Educational Consultant

Jaclyn is the founder and Director of ISGC. She first developed an interest in education while attending a private school herself. Her work at ISGC has brought her to over 30 countries to recruit students all across Canada. She is an avid traveler and is always looking to learn more about different cultures. Jaclyn has welcomed international families to Canada for over 10 years, providing countless students with guardianship services to ensure a happy, safe and successful year abroad!

Director of Operations

Brodie is an experienced marketing and business management professional with an extensive history working with international students. His family has been a long and short term host for international students many times over the last decade. He attended private boarding school in Ontario, went to university in the United States and studied in Japan. He believes deeply in the importance of learning about other cultures and experiencing the diversity the world has to offer.

Director of Enrolment & Student Life / Manager - Western Canada

Leitha has been working with Jaclyn and the ISGC team since 2010 and with international students since 2005. During her career Leitha has taught ESL classes, coordinated homestay experiences, supervised summer ESL camp sessions and assisted with recruitment, registration and immigration for both private and public school students. Leitha speaks fluent German and is proficient in Spanish. She is an avid traveler, having spent many years living, studying and working abroad!

Special Programs

Manager, Special Programs

Shelby is passionate in assisting international students in Canada. She achieved her Master of Education degree from OISE, University of Toronto. Shelby is fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English. Her professional skills come from her experience serving as international communication specialist and education coordinator in both Canada and Asia. She has great culture awareness and respects students from diverse backgrounds. Shelby also has 5 years’ part-time experience teaching ESL, IELTS and TOEFL for international students. As a Student Coordinator at ISGC, Shelby is passionate in helping students have a wonderful journey in Canada.


Senior Enrolment Coordinator, Enrolment & Immigration Associate

Judy has great passion for assisting international students studying at Canada. She got her Bachelor degree of English from China and her Master’s degree in Education from Western University. Judy speaks fluent Mandarin and English. She also has great interest in learning other languages such as French and Japanese. She is a long-term volunteer to help the blind adults in Toronto, and is always looking for new opportunities to experience the diverse aspects of living in Canada.

Student Support

Senior Student & Travel Programs Coordinator

Regina began her journey in Canada as a high school student in Nova Scotia and spent many years living with a Canadian host family. She graduated University of Toronto majoring in East Asian Studies and Diaspora and Transnational Studies which led to profound knowledge in nature and characteristics of multicultural society within Canada and worldwide. Regina is fluent in both Korean and English and spent time in Korea as an ESL instructor. Her goal at ISGC is to assist international students with adapting to Canadian culture and school based on her own experience.

Student Coordinator, Boarding Team

Deniz’s expertise comes from working as a private school Guidance Counsellor in Ontario where she assisted international students with academic planning catered to their talent, skills and interests. Before coming to Canada as an international student, she attended private school in Turkey. Deniz sees both experiences as valuable for understanding and supporting ISGC students in her unique way. It has been her goal since childhood to visit a different country for each year and discover new aspects of the world on each trip.  

Student Coordinator

Joy is an experienced high school guidance counsellor and educational consultant, specializing in secondary and post-secondary education in Canada. She has a Masters of International Journalism (in China) and a Masters of Education degree from OISE, University of Toronto, specialized in Social Justice Education. Joy’s passion for assisting international students in cross-cultural exchange and language acquisition has brought her to ISGC so that she may help students in achieving their full potential.

Administrative & Accounting Team

Administrative Assistant

Ashley has worked in customer service providing superior client care since she was a teenager. She lived in the United Kingdom for two years and intimately understands the rewards and challenges of studying in a new country. More than anything, Ashley loves interacting with ISGC’s many students from around the world and learning about their home life and experiences. When she is not helping around the office, she is a professional actor and musician.