About ISGC

The Beginning

We began supporting international students in 2006 with one 15 year old student named Maxim. Maxim’s parents wanted and needed someone to support him while he attended school over 7,000km away from his hometown. Jaclyn Bryant, our Founder, focused all her energy to ensure Max had everything he needed to be successful in Canada: a dedicated guardian, safe accommodation throughout the year, and an advocate for any other challenges encountered during his high school education in Canada. Today, our team cares for students from more than 70 countries with diverse backgrounds in language, culture and religion. We believe Canada is the perfect place for joining such varied backgrounds.

Our Values

Over the past 15 years, we have established a set of core values that are crucial in supporting our students’ success in Canada.

  • We provide exceptional customer service
  • We relentlessly solve problems, from start to finish
  • We advocate for our students’ best interests
  • We understand international students and education in Canada
  • We love Canada and we love the world

Our Experience

Each member of our team is a world traveler and has experienced education outside of their home country. We are a diverse group of Canadians, landed immigrants or permanent residents, and we intimately understand the value and challenges that come with integrating into a new place. We love what Canada has to offer the world and we cherish how international students enrich our lives and those around them by sharing their unique life experiences. This is why we love what we do. And what happened to our first student Maxim? He continued his education in Canada, spent time working with us at ISGC, and is applying for his permanent resident status.