COVID-19 Test Booking and Coordination Request Form

ISGC is pleased to provide Covid-19 test booking services to international students in need of assistance.

An ISGC Test Booking Service provides:

  • All booking, communication, and transportation
  • 15-30 minutes appointment times
  • Test results available within 48-72 hours
  • Test results sent by email directly to student
  • Test appointments booked for you by ISGC
  • Test appointments details confirmed and provided by ISGC
  • ISGC will provide instructions to access to your test results
  • ISGC is available to answer questions and provide assistance
Two Testing Options are available:
  1. Single Nucleic Acid (PCR) Test – $305 CAD + Tax (13%) + Admin Fee (4%)
  2. Nucleic Acid (PCR) Test and IgM AntiBody Test – $600 CAD + Tax (13%) + Admin Fee (4%)
***Depending on the travel destination, one or both of these tests may be required***
Hotel Accommodation (Vancouver) and Transportation is subject to availability and the costs are additional and will be billed separately. Once we receive your test(s) booking, our team will follow up about the next steps, hotel accommodation and transportation arrangements.